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Everyone should have one.

feel-good place(s)

We don't just need space to live. We also need space for
our thoughts, our knowledge, our feelings and ourselves. And sometimes
we need whole places to find ourselves again, to find our
Recharge memory so that we can unfold freely again.

Samos, Greece

"Home is where your heart is".In order to manifest this sentence, I converted a more than 200-year-old farmhouse on this green Greek island - and thus created a feel-good place in more southern climes. Because no matter how beautiful it is in the north, sometimes the northern lights need a different kind of sunlight. And variety.

Welcome to the "mikri vila ania" on Samos.

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Liessow, Schwerin

Some take a taxi to Paris to relax.
We like to relax in our dacha by the lake near Schwerin.

We have chosen this place to be a feel-good place for us.
Here we grow our own fruit and vegetables - we even have bees, sheep and chickens.
And: We can really unwind here. And go swimming-

in "our" lake, or the numerous lakes in the area.

Or drive further up to the sea.
Or sightseeing in Schwerin... 

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