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Yoga is the unity of body, mind and soul. It is therefore important not to
only open to physical movement, but to tap into its holistic effect: the power that unfolds from meditation, philosophy and physical exercises. Integral Yogasupports people in their personal development and helps to deal better with everyday stress - as well as to bring body, psyche and spirit into harmony.


Yoga is rest. On the mat - and even more important: in everyday life.

It's never too early to start yoga.


Yoga is also something for the very young. Here they learn to control their bodies, to stretch - and they find a counterpoint to their children's everyday life. Because they need that too. rest and relaxation. And another move.

Take a Look:


Because yoga is not a team sport.

personal yoga

Even if yoga is now a popular sport, yoga is something very individual. Yoga helps to relax. to detach. to become more agile. With all this, it is important to feel comfortable and to be looked after individually. Because yoga is also precision work: The asanas (positions) have to fit for and with everyone. Because only in this way does a sport become the unity of body, mind and soul.

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