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About me

Hello, I am the new business master, the young yoga master, the personal yoga master, the feel-good master - and no matter what your needs are:

In each I am Anja Meister.


I don't offer this variety - and at first glance contradictory topics - because I can't decide or don't know what I want.

On the contrary: I believe that there is no single solution in life. I think the best solutions in life come from combining things.

As with food, milk and flour make a pancake. Not just the one. Or the other.


With my experience as a person, woman, mother, manager, former competitive athlete, business mediator, yogi or integral coach, I would like to help people to find peace and to discover themselves.


I want to inspire people. Don't teach them.

I want to get involved with you. Understand.

Find a solution together.

And even if I am many things - there is one thing I am not: superficial.


That's why I don't want to offer any packages here, but rather make a very individual offer after a short get-to-know-you. Because packages are only travel (and not even really) - but in no case people.


Born and raised in the Ruhr area.
mother of 2 sons.

5 years consultant at Gray Group,Dusseldorf.
as a trained advertising saleswoman.

3 years owner/managing director of a bistro/cafe
with 7 employees in Essen.

11 years of sales experience in the B2B sector, Vodafone GmbH.
including several years as a manager (32 employees) in Hamburg

4 years self-employment in the fashion industry

Establishment and expansion of sales for high-quality children's fashion with 19 district managers for northern Germany

3 years New Business Manager

for an advertising agency in Hamburg

Trained mediator since September 2012 (university degree)
Additional training at the Anita von Hertel Academy in the field of business mediation

Numerous mediation cases in the family and business segment in Berlin and Hamburg

Self-employed since 2013 with masterly achievements

Certified life/integral coach since 2018
Apprenticeship Veit Lindau/Homodea GmbH

Additional training in non-violent communication since 2018
after Marshall B. Rosenberg

Since 2018/2019 trained yoga teacher, trained teenager and children's yoga teacher
Degree BDY, BYY, Yoga Alliance

Since 2021/2022 various yoga further and additional training courses. Focus on children/teenagers, holistic Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, back yoga. Certified feet-up trainer


Since 2022 freelance trainer for the Mitsprach Foundation and the Education Y Foundation


Wire Advertising GmbH I Markenfilm GmbH I Dorith Wolff, PR I Carsten Eichner, Food Photographer I
Web Assistance I mysupper I Passion Advertising I Core dynamics I Mhoch4 - The TV Agency I I Psychology-in-Praxis I Ringana GmbH I Scribershub GmbH I Mmono GmbH I David Llyod-Meridien Spa I
Red-pack GmbH I Collectionara GmbH I Filmfeld GmbH I Wanda Badwal Yoga I Yoga Loft Wedel I
Yoga Zentrum Travemünde I Sunlight Yoga, Berlin I Yoga helps eV Hamburg I  Gymnasium Blankenese IYogaWald I Elbkinder Kitas I Carlsen Verlag GmbH I Das Kubatzki I Studio 78 I Rothe Schule I Studio Fox I MITLanguage I Education YI

Pro Bono Engagements

Die Tafel, Hamburg I Benita Quadfliege Foundation, Hamburg I World Vision Sponsorship
Member of the Hamburg Greenpeace group "green food" I Temaleaderin Homodea

Numerous further training courses in the areas

Coaching I Supervision I Employee management training I Strategy mediation I Conflict resolution I Personal recruitment I Legal aspects of leadership I Family and business mediation I Conception I Moderation I New customer acquisition I Sales support I Strategy development I Operational organization  I Self and time management I MBSR I various yoga training courses I trainer for language support

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